"Yes, Uncle Pixel, I've purchased my Wood Sprite Kit, but now I'm just kind of... staring at it. I can see a glorious future in which Wood Sprites adorn my home and my work desk, but now I'm just kind of confused. What do I do next?"

As it turns out, the answer is easy: get to gluing! And now your favorite blocky Uncle is going to show you how it's done.

First, do some counting. Channel your inner accountant and see how many cubes you need in each color. As an example, we'll start with our pal Wizzardo from the instruction book: a stout little mage that's easy to build. Best of all, forget what I just told you - the number of cubes you need is already printed on his pattern sheet! You can stop counting! (No, seriously, just stop. You're spouting numbers for no reason at this point.)

Now, use paint or stain markers to color up your cubes. (The cubes in the photos are painted on both sides for a reversible Wood Sprite - if you're going to do that, don't get paint or stain on the sides of the cubes as they won't hold glue.)

Colored cubes for all occasions

Once your cubes have dried, it's time to assemble rows! Use the Wood Sprite Tool to stack and align the cubes for gluing. Put a SMALL dot of wood glue between each cube and press them together, using the tool to keep everything straight.

(The picture shows double-sided cubes; if you're doing a one-sided Wood Sprite, glue the rows color side down for a nice flat front.)

Small applicators make for good gluing

Once all your rows are complete, carefully glue them together - in the correct order - color side down, on a flat surface. You'll see your Wood Sprite coming to life before your eyes. (Note: Wood Sprites do not actually possess life.)

Wizzardo: Assemble!

Before you know it, you'll have your very own small wooden magician - resplendent in glorious wood grain! Carefully paint or stain the edges of the finished piece, all the way around, and pretty soon your creation will look like this. Pretty snazzy!

Your very own handheld wizard, ready to weave his magic spells

And that's how you glue together a Wood Sprite.

Best of all, if the kids ask you how it was born, just tell 'em. It's far less awkward than explaining about the Wood Sprite birds and the Wood Sprite bees.