Uncle Pixel is quite proud of his wholly original characters. Much care was lavished upon his little guys, just to ensure that each evoked elements of well-known archetypes without being too specific. These fellas are easy to build and positively exude 8-bit goodness.

But wait, you say - I love the hometown gang and all, but what I'd really like is to have a Wood Sprite of one of the heavy-hitters! I want to see a Famous Italian PlumberĀ® on my bookcase, or have an entire party from one of my very finalest fantasies© marching across my desk at work! Heck, I want that fetching little green-clad elf kid on my wall, but instead of holding up a Threeforce™ triangle, he can hold up a family portrait!

Whatever are you to do? The answer, of course, is to create a pattern of your very own. Easy as pie.

Ah, but did you know? Helpful internet denizens have already done the hard work for you!

To find your favorite cobalt hedgehog or female space bounty hunter, just search Google for the character's name plus the term "sprite sheet". You'll find whole pages of character, item, and background tile sprites, all lovingly transferred directly from the games themselves. Most contain full animation frames for your chosen characters, making it super easy to pick your favorite pose or action.

One of Uncle Pixel's personal favorites is  https://www.spriters-resource.com/. There, you'll find a tremendous number of sprite sheets, indexed by game system. It's a great place to look around and get inspired. (Note: the Spriter's Resource site may contain some NSFW content - but thankfully, it's not shown by default and is turned on via a control at the top of the main page.)

Once you've downloaded a sprite sheet for your favorite Contrafighter, Ice Ascender, Steel-Blades Hockey Player, or Bobble the Bubbler, the rest is easy. Transfer the sprite, square by square, to a pattern sheet and you're off to the races. Uncle Pixel's free pattern sheets can be found at  http://unclepixel.com/free-stuff/.

Count up the number of colors in the sprite, so you know how many shades of paint or stain you'll need. Then start making your Wood Sprite according to the steps in the instruction manual. Couldn't be simpler!

And always remember: Uncle Pixel's own sprite creations aren't the jealous type. They'll be positively thrilled to have such esteemed colleagues sharing their shelves. (Frankly, they're more than a little star-struck. It's kind of embarrassing.)


Hero worship at its most abject