Do you remember what Grandma always used to tell you? "With hard work and perseverance, you can accomplish anything." Of course, Grandma would nod off in her recliner after that, leaving you bored and alone, with only the sound of bad TV soap operas and her loud cat for company.

Well, it turns out Grandma was mostly right: with a lot of hard work, you can do big things. Uncle Pixel, however, has a different saying: "Why make things the hard way when you can make them with an easy-to-use kit?" After all, it may be technically possible to build a nuclear reactor in your backyard, but it's far easier to buy the "E-Z Backyard Fission Reactor Kit" and start irradiating your pants much sooner.

Years ago, while decorating his son's room in a retro video game theme, Uncle Pixel started making his signature Wood Sprite game characters the hard way: he sawed up wood into cubes, painstakingly fitting them together after staining them with a brush. With no best practices to follow, he had to invent and refine each step for his constructions. Much time was spent developing ways to cut wooden cubes accurately, color them, develop gluing methods, and assemble them into final works of art. This was the very definition of "the hard way". But his work paid off: after a lot of painful experimentation and learning, Uncle Pixel finally got Wood Sprite construction down to an efficient science.

The hard way...

His labors finished, Uncle Pixel unveiled his art to the world. When his friends saw his finished creations, they said things like, "Man, I wish I could make something like that" and "I'm terrible at building things, but I would love to have one of those." While everyone loved the finished product, they automatically assumed that they didn't possess the skills to make one of their own.

Uncle Pixel had a flash of inspiration: why not take everything he had learned about Wood Sprite creation, and put it all into one easy-to-use Kit that allows anyone to make their own awesome game graphics masterpiece? And that's exactly what he did. Now anyone can create awesome pixel art displays - all you need is the Old-Timey 8-Bit Wood Sprite Kit, some wood glue, and a couple of acrylic paint or wood stain markers.

The easy way!

So if you're asking: do I have the skills to use this Kit, or does it require extra-super crafting abilities? The answer, my friend, is yes you do! If you can follow basic instructions, you can bring your own game display to life, and bring the beauty of Wood Sprites to your home or office.

And there's a bonus: the Old-Timey 8-Bit Wood Sprite Kit is much safer than the E-Z Backyard Fission Reactor Kit. Getting a little wood glue on your pants is preferable to uranium-235.