Uncle Pixel's Old-Timey 8-Bit Wood Sprite Kit lets you create impressive displays of pixel art from precision-cut wooden cubes. Easy-to-understand instructions guide you through every step of making your very own Wood Sprite.

The Old-Timey 8-Bit Wood Sprite Kit contains:
288 1/2-inch wooden cubes(enough to make a 16 pixel x 16 pixel Wood Sprite, 256 total, with 32 extras to replace irregular cubes)
Uncle Pixel's 8-Bit Old School Wood Sprite Tool(a plastic alignment tool for gluing cubes together in straight rows)
1 Instruction Booklet(this teaches you everything you need to know to make Wood Sprites, and also contains groan-worthy jokes)
14 pounds of awesomeness(note: awesomeness has no actual mass and will not affect shipping charges)

Build characters, items, and background tiles fromyour favorite retro video games - or design your own pixel art masterpieces! Decorate your Wood Sprites in bright and original game colors, or in swanky shades of wood stain for a touch of class and elegance.Sprite your World!

NOTE:To create your Wood Sprite, you will also need to buy the following:
A small bottle of wood glue(available at mass retail stores or hardware stores)
At least 2 wood stain markers or acrylic paint markers(available at craft and hardware stores)
You might also want a roll of parchment paper(to protect your antique Dutch Mahogany banquet table from glue, paint, and stain)
These items areNOT INCLUDED in the Kit.

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